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Social History

Beaminster Museum reflects and interprets the rich social history of this rural West Dorset market town and the surrounding villages.

Hand-embroidered smocksYour steady passage through countless generations of traditional rural craftsmen, agricultural labourers and flax dressers will be rocked by the awful excitement of fires, floods and warfare. You may spot hunters, older even than Neanderthals, who left behind their rough tools, before you finally arrive at the farthest reaches of your imagination in a warm, shallow Jurassic sea, teeming with ammonites.


From the Middle Ages Beaminster has been a market town in an agricultural environment. Sheep farming once predominated, but dairy farming is now more important. A thriving flax industry provided work for all ages in the 18th and 19th centuries. Much of the flax was spun and woven into

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