2021 Winter season:  Childrens event, Book sale, coffee morning, concert and winter talks

We are delighted to announce the return of favourite annual events.  Reduced seating capacity will be in place, appropriate to the event (along with restrictions on numbers in the room for the book-sale.)   

Book Sale:           Saturday 13th November 10.00am  – 1.00pm in the museum.  Our big book sale returns with loads of new second-hand books for you to browse.  Our shop will also be open of course!

Christmas Coffee Morning:         Saturday 4th December. 10.00am – 12.00 noon.  Pick up presents with a local flavour, as well as catching up with friends over seasonal refreshments.

Christmas Concert with Parnham Voices: Friday 10th December at 7.30pm. Tickets on sale nearer the event;  watch this space for further information.

Winter Talks:

Our popular winter talks return, all on Tuesdays at 2.30pm.  £3 per person entry.   First come, first served for seating.

2nd November                   The poor and poor laws in Beaminster by Pauline Thorne.

The law obliged the parish to raise and distribute funds for the relief of the poor. Beaminster is extremely fortunate in that many of the records relating to this survived. These records provide us with a glimpse into the lives of people who often left no other traces of their existence (other than possibly their DNA). We can follow the history of individuals over time in stories worthy of a Thomas Hardy novel.          The records also provide some insight into the attitudes of the Overseers of the Poor towards claimants and how they coped with the impact of factors such industrialisation, economic recession, war and poor harvests, over which they had no control. Some of the quandaries they faced are still with us today.

16th November                  Bath and Fashion in the 18th century by Penny Ruddock.

Penny Ruddock retired as Bath’s Costume Museum Curator, and lived for some years in Beaminster. We are delighted to welcome her back to give us one of our Winter Talks. Being a well- established expert on the history of fashion, she will be talking to us on fashions and its changes during the eighteenth century.

7th December                     5 objects that define the history of Beaminster by team from the Museum.

Following Neil McGregors concept for talks on BBC 4 on history in 100 objects, ,  a number of our volunteers will be each taking an object from our museum display and explaining its significance in the history of Beaminster.

4th January          Mr Hearne’s Long Walk  by Brian Earl

18th January        A History of Corscombe by Freda Hennessy

1st February        Coker Canvas – a History of Sailcloth by Richard Sims

15th February     Smuggling and the Dorset Connection by Trevor Ware

1st March             The Durotrigian to Roman transition in West Dorset by Matthew Kirkman

More details available shortly on the above talks.

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