Donating Artefacts and Documents

We welcome offers of items that have a strong connection to the archaeology, geology, social history, agriculture, industry, or art and culture of Beaminster and the surrounding parishes*. We also collect photographs and images of the local area and local people. If you think we may be interested in objects that belong to you, please email ( or write to us, giving the details set out below and providing images. We may accept items for accession into our collection, or simply as gifts, to use in future as props in exhibits, or as non accessioned display items.

*Civil parishes in our collections area include Broadwindsor, Burstock, Chedington, Corscombe, Halstock, Hooke, Mapperton, Mosterton, Netherbury, Seaborough, South Perrott, Stoke Abbott and Thorncombe, as well as Beaminster itself, including Toller Whelme and Salway Ash.

Our entry form for objects or documents can be found by clicking the attached links as a PDF file.

What to include in your email or letter.

  • A description of the object, including its condition and any signs of damage or deterioration
  • Who made or created the object, if relevant
  • The object’s history and any personal stories attached to it
  • Where you got the object from
  • Confirmation that you are the object’s legal owner and would be happy to transfer ownership permanently to Beaminster Museum
  • Images of the object
  • A completed Entry Form from the link above.
How do we decide?

Offers are judged against our downloadable Collections Development Policy. ( Section 13 of Museum Policies) We also consider other criteria, such as the condition of the item, whether we already hold similar or duplicate items, and storage and care costs. It is not always possible for us to accept donations, even when they are interesting and valuable. If we accept your offer, we will complete a formal acceptance form.

Please note that we do not accept items:

  • On long-term loan, except in unusual cases
  • With specific conditions attached
  • That are hazardous (eg contain asbestos)
  • That include human remains

We are not able to provide valuations of objects. We do though regularly host a representative from the Portable Antiquities Scheme.