Horn Park Quarry

To call this quarry on the Broadwindsor road out of Beaminster ‘disused’ is to do it a great disservice. Although the smallest National Nature Reserve in the UK, it is an official World Reference site for stratigraphy and, therefore, protected. Visits can be arranged through the Museum to see fossils laid down 174-168 million years ago in the Middle Jurassic period. It includes the most complete Aalenian ammonite succession currently known in England, with examples from all four zones.

To visit the Quarry please contact us in advance at info@beaminstermuseum.co.uk. Small groups or family visits are welcome but we regret that it is not possible to pop into the museum expecting a same day visit.

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Stratigraphy from https://stratigraphy.org/timescale/

Below is a 3D view of the prepared section of pavement.